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  • Photo of 珍妮花 Zaccara

    Dr. 珍妮花 Zaccara 

    (802) 869-6221
    Trinity College - BA and MA
    University of Connecticut - PhD
  • Kashanie 巴特勒 

    Assistant to 校长


Strengthen community life by investing in resources that provide safe and supported student social-emotional growth and moral character development.

  • Develop a “learning and living” culture, central to the heart of the school, that is based on our core beliefs and that is challenging, 支持, 和面对面的. 
  • 实现多元化, Equity and 包容 initiatives, rooted in expanded knowledge and a lived authenticity and truth for students, 教师, 父母, 校友, 还有董事会. Connect this work with wellness, equity, and justice, and an “education for life.”
  • Expand opportunities and practices that promote physical and mental wellness connected to our outdoor programming.
  • Develop signature social-emotional growth and moral character development experiences at each grade level, within residential life and in advisory.
  • Create a team led by the Assistant 校长 for 学生生活 to develop an integrated social-emotional learning and wellness program.
  • Ground professional development for program leaders and residential 教师 in current research and best practices in student wellness and growth. 
  • Restore and enhance the school’s common spaces and dormitories to support programming and student wellness.
  • Restore 校友 Hall to a full dormitory with appealing common space for students.
  • 创造一个充满活力的, modern fitness center in the gym, 添加新设备, to promote student health and well-being. 
  • Evaluate the use of spaces in Williams Gym and Shepardson Center.
  • Optimize outdoor spaces for use as part of the social-emotional learning and wellness program.